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Conveyancing & PROPERTY LAW

From our appointment, we manage the entire process for you - from contract signing to settlement - we are on your side, and by your side.
Selling your home, buying a property or transferring your interest in a property is one of the most stressful life experiences - we are experts in conveyancing and sensitive to the needs of our clients, let us take the burden off your shoulders.
When you engage us to manage your property conveyance, you are in safe hands. Our priority is to protect your interests, explain the process in plain English and keep you updated every step of the way. 
We strive to ensure your experience with transferring the legal title of your property is stress free and seamless.  But if there are bumps along the way, take comfort knowing we are on your side, and by your side.



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"Thanks again Cindy and Sandro for your ongoing assistance! It is always reassuring to know that we have you available to us for guidance and legal advice as we take on new properties or businesses. Thank you. Victoria and Chris Kerrisk."

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Property transfers


  • Transfer between brothers and sisters, parents, children and grandparents
  • Transfers between same sex couples
  • Transfers between spouses or domestic partners
  • Deceased estates - transfers to an executor, surviving spouse or beneficiary of a will
  • Change in the manner of holding from joint proprietors to tenants in common or vice versa
  • Transfers between family trusts and companies
  • Advice on stamp duty exemptions for transfers between spouses and related parties


Buying & selling property



Pre-Purchase Legal Advice





RETAIL AND Commercial Leases

  • Retail Leases
  • Commercial Leases
  • Transfer and Assignment of Leases
  • Renewal and variations of Leases
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