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Plan and protect the future of your family

In the absence of a valid will, the law decides who gets your assets, who will look after your minor children (as guardians) and your individual wishes and personal situation will not be taken into account - the same laws apply to everyone who dies without a valid will.  
We can prepare your estate planning documents and
guide you through the process
Losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult and sad time. During this time of grief, the last thing your family and loved ones should have to endure is sorting everything out when you die in the absence of a will.
​Preparing a will that sets out your wishes can alleviate a great deal of stress on those left behind. Certain types of wills can extend a greater level of control and protection over the distribution of assets to vulnerable beneficiaries who may be subject to spousal claims or creditors - in these circumstances we can assist you with the creation of a testamentary trust in your will.
Wills forfamily

Powers of Attorney

  • Enduring Power of Attorney - for peace of mind appoint someone to manage your personal and financial affairs in the event your are ill or incapacitated

  • General Power of Attorney - grant someone the power to deal with your personal and financial affairs in certain circumstances where you are unavailable such as when you are traveling overseas

  • Appointment of a Medical Treatment Decision Maker - appoint someone to make medical treatment decisions for you (or refuse certain medical treatments) if you are unable to do so yourself



  • Wills for individuals
  • Wills for couples
  • Wills for those with blended families - we can provide advice and options available to your specific family circumstances, including how to provide for children in a blended family situation
  • Testamentary trust wills - where a greater level of control and protection is required over the distribution of assets to beneficiaries (including advice on protection of assets from creditors and spousal claims)
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